Delivery Fee

Price: 5.00 GBP
Delivery Fee for orders under £25

HotMax Logs - 20kg

Price: 7.50 GBP
100% natural wood, sourced from British forests. HOTMAX is made from compacted, natural, unadulterated, recycled softwood dust and particles. There are no additives in HOTMAX whatsoever. All the timber used in the production processes is sourced from sustainably managed British forestry.

Maize Grits

Price: 11.99 GBP

Flaked Maize - 25kg

Price: 11.99 GBP

Whole Wheat 25kg

Price: 9.99 GBP

Wheat Offer 10 - 10 x 25kg bags

Price: 90.00 GBP
Buy 10 bags and save even more! Long dates and suitable for our bulk buyers.

Medium Bran 20kg

Price: 11.50 GBP

Bruised Oats 25kg

Price: 11.50 GBP

Road Salt 25kg

Price: 7.50 GBP
25kg bag of de-icing salt for use on paths and roadways. Price includes delivery.