Naf Mane & Tail Detangler 750ml Spray

Price: 10.25 GBP
Care for your horse’s mane and tail with our deluxe conditioning spray for a smooth, shiny tangle-free finish. Leaves a non greasy, non sticky natural shine that will not attract dust and allows mud to be easily brushed from hair.

Naf Silky Mane & Tail Detangler Refil 2.5L

Price: 29.99 GBP
Care for your horse’s mane and tail with our deluxe conditioning spray for a smooth, shiny tangle-free finish. Leaves a non greasy, non sticky natural shine that will not attract dust and allows mud to be easily brushed from hair.

M T G Lotion

Price: 12.50 GBP
Original M-T-G treats a variety of skin problems quickly and easily with results seen as soon as a day after the very first application. Original M-T-G successfully treats the following conditions: rain rot, dew poisoning, scratches, mud fever, greasy heal, sweet itch, girth itch, itchy skin, dandruff and tail rubbing. It has been touted to work on thrush and white line disease. Original M-T-G is formulated to eliminate the causative agent creating the skin problems so it treats at the source to dry up and heal the affected area. Its special ingredients also condition the skin and hair around the problem area which promotes both healthy skin and hair regrowth. Original M-T-G keeps the skin conditioned while creating a barrier against the elements. It offers quick relief and visible hair growth in 3-5 days. Original M-T-G is easy to use. Just rub a small amount into the affected area without disturbing or picking the scabs off. There is no need to rinse or wash out between applications. Once the area is healed and you want to wash the residue off just use Shapley’s Hi Shine Shampoo which is specially formulated to remove Original M-T-G quickly and easily. Shapley’s Easy-Out spray will also remove Original M-T-G both from the horse and from your hands. Original M-T-G has another, also miraculous, use. It will grow mane and tail hair by as much as 3 inches a month. It is tested and proven by users to grow hair length and add volume. It creates a healthy environment for the hair follicle which results in maximum hair growth while keeping the hair soft and pliable to minimize breakage. All you need to do to grow mane and tail hair is to rub a small amount once a week at the base of the mane and on the tail bone of the horse. Again, there is no need to rinse or wash off between applications. Original M-T-G will also work equally as well on dogs, cats and livestock to combat their skin problems including hot spots, itching and dry skin. Original M-T-G has come full circle and has been specially formulated and tested to continue to work on people. This product for human hair growth comes with an improved fragrance and different packaging and is called Sulu Max Gro, which can be found on

Pig Oil & Sulphur - 500ml

Price: 7.50 GBP
* Mineral based oil * Useful for controlling mud fever * Helps to create a barrier against wet conditions around your horse’s legs * Can also prevent cracked heels * Gives the best possible shine to your horse’s coat * Used to de-tangle manes, tails and feathers.

Equi-Oxcide Leg Barrier Spray

Price: 8.00 GBP
Excellent all round protection from the mud. no need to remove scabs as this penetrates, killing the bacteria which causes mud rash. Limited stocks Was £12

7 Day Mud Away - 500ml

Price: 10.25 GBP
Nettex Seven Day Mud Away is a unique product that helps to prevent the build-up of mud to all areas of the horse resulting in easier winter grooming. It can be used all year round to aid quicker grooming as mud, muck and dirt simply brush away easily leaving a smooth coat. It is ideal to use in the winter during adverse weather conditions to help keep mud at bay. It can be used on the body, legs, mane and tail and is suitable for all horses and ponies. One application lasts seven days. Prevents mud sticking to the coat allowing quick removal of soil by simple brushing. Creates a waterproof barrier to the skin. Provides a barrier against mud related conditions – less washing legs in the winter. Can be used all year round.

Aloe Vera Gel by Equimins 250g

Price: 6.99 GBP
A soothing gel to help maintain healthy skin. This gel is useful for almost any skin condition that needs soothing and astringing.

Nettex Surgical Scrub 500ml

Price: 6.99 GBP
Nettex Equine Veterinary Surgical Scrub is a high quality, liquid surgical scrub that contains antibacterial and antiseptic agents. It will help prevent the spread of bacteria during wound management. It can be used on all parts of the body when hygiene is of paramount importance. Nettex Equine Veterinary Surgical Scrub can also be used as an antibacterial handwashing preparation. Fast acting antibacterial skin cleanser. Kind to the skin. Ideal for use where hygiene is of paramount importance. Fine detergent action. Will not dry the skin making it ideal for regular use.

Gamgee Roll

Price: 16.50 GBP
Gamgee Tissue BP consists of a thick layer of highly absorbent cotton wool enclosed in an absorbent cotton gauze cover. Gamgee is supplied non-sterile as 45cm, 500g rolls in BP Quality, which fully conforms to the British Pharmacopoeia monograph. Superior quality, highly absorbent secondary wound dressing. Ideal for highly exuding wounds, including leg ulcers, cavity wounds, lacerations and surgical wounds.

Animalintex Poultice - Standard

Price: 7.50 GBP
Animalintex poultice pack. Can be used wet or dry as required. For the treatment of abscess and other wounds.

3M "Vetwrap"

Price: 3.50 GBP
The safe and secure way to hold a dressing in place. Please request colour choice in comments section and we will do our best to supply your choice - but reserve the right to supply an alternative.

Cohesive Bandage

Price: 2.50 GBP
Basic Cohesive bandage to hold dressings in place. Please specify colour choice in comments and we will do our best but reserve the right to supply an alternative colour.