Fancy Feeds Goat Mix - Molassed 20kg

13.75 GBP

This goat mix is made with only the best bruised oats and other cereals, carefully micronised to improve digestibility which helps to ensure that there are no upset digestive systems. These key soluble carbohydrates and fermentable fibre supply calories and much needed energy. The mixture includes "superfibres" from grassmeal and soya hulls which are high digestible and help with rumen function to minimise acidosis. Quality protein in the feed makes for great muscle and tissue development and repair as well as providing the building blocks for milk production and good quality coat and hair which is vital for animals that spend some of all of their time outdoors. A key blend of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids will encourage a shiny and healthy coat too. The fully balanced mix contains all the essential vitamins and minerals needed and needs no extra supplementation. The key formula contains Sel-Plex - an organic selenium to provide a brilliant immune system along with support for fertility and muscle function. Much modern pasture and forage is selenium deficient so ensuring that goats receive a good supply of this very important mineral is highly important. Selenium will help to support general good health and be passed onto kids via the milk.

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