Baileys Natural Meadow Cobs 20kg

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Baileys Natural Meadow Cobs 20kg

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Harvested from perennial meadows, growing in the foothills of the Bavarian Pre-Alps, in southern Germany, Natural Meadow Cobs contain an appetising blend of up to 60 different species of naturally-occurring meadow grasses, wildflowers and herbs, and are high in fibre, yet low in sugars, starch and calories as the plants have been left to mature before cutting. They are then coarsely chopped and high-temperature dried - in a facility powered by renewable biomass-fuelled electricity - and pressed into chunky cobs. Natural Meadow Cobs contain no added vitamins and minerals so can be fed alongside an existing balanced diet, as an appetising additional fibre source, without causing any nutritional imbalances. They’re also molasses-, grain- and alfalfa-free with only low levels of naturally occurring sugars. The grasses are harvested at a point when fibre content is at its highest and comprises higher levels of structural fibre than many other soaked fibre sources, making them ideal as a replacement for long forages, like hay, haylage or grass. When can they be fed? Alongside any existing balanced diet. As a replacement for, or in addition to, beet, chaff or unbalanced fibre mashes As a “bulker” with a balancer As a FULL or partial forage replacement or forage/fibre alternative Being high in fibre and low in sugar and calories, the cobs can be fed to a range of horses, alongside their existing balanced diet. COMPOSITION 100% Meadow Grasses & Herbage ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS Digestible Energy6MJ//kg Protein9% Oil2.0% Fibre30% Ash11% Starch2.2% Sugar7.8% Starch and sugar levels may vary due to the natural nature of the product