Osmonds Bactakil 55 1ltr

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Osmonds Bactakil 55 1ltr

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A unique combination of broad-spectrum biocides used by generations of livestock keepers.. Use to maintain freedom from bacteria, fungi and algae and problems related to them, users have reported success when using on Ringworm, Orf, Foot Rot & 'Seedy Toe' - from the feet to the face. 

Effective against microbial spores, thus helping prevent re-contamination. 

Can be used on navels as an alternative to iodine. .

Always try a patch area first. One spray to run off should suffice, repeat at 7 day intervals if necessary. Consult vet if symptoms persist.

DO NOT use in or around the eyes. 

Withdrawal Period

- 7 days for dairy livestock 

- 28 days for food chain livestock