TopSpec AntiLam 15kg

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TopSpec AntiLam 15kg

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TopSpec AntiLam is a palatable, pelleted product specifically designed to provide nutritional support for those susceptible to, being treated for, and recovering from, laminitis. It contains a range of highly-effective supplements pelleted onto a high-fibre, very low-calorie base.

  • Ideal for lamanitic horses and ponies
  • A palatable, pelleted product
  • Contains several supplements combined with a high-fibre, very low-calorie feed
  • Specifically designed for Good-Doers and those susceptible to, and recovering from, laminitis
  • 'Non-Heating' formula
  • To be fed on its own with forage in the form of late-cut hay &/or unmolassed chops - e.g. Top Chop Lite

Typical Composition

The typical ingredients in TopSpec AntiLam are high fibre oat by-product, grass, linseed expeller, wheatfeed, unmolassed beet pulp, soya hulls (GM), vitamin and mineral premix, molasses, soya bean meal (GM), methionine, yeast, MOS.

Typical Nutritional Analysis:

Oil %3.7
Protein %12.0
Fibre %20.0
DE MJ/kg9.0
Starch %6.5
Calcium %2.5
Magnesium %0.6
Vitamin E IU/kg2,500
Biotin mg/kg30.0

Feeding Regime

Typical feed regime for a 12hh pony in the early stages of recovering from laminitis:-

2kg (approx 1 flap of a small bale) late-cut meadow hay (soaked as advised) per 24 hours.
Plus two feeds per day - each containing:

125g TopSpec AntiLam.
1kg TopChop Lite (‘Non-Heating’ unmolassed alfalfa/straw chop).
Access to a salt lick 24/7.
Additives if require; Electrolytes, 10:10 Joint Support, Calmer or Digestive Aid.